Civil Lawyer in Batumi

Civil Law Cases in Batumi

Every day, civil law disputes arise, and you, too, may become a party to one. A civil lawyer in Batumi of the OTHNIEL company will help you resolve this issue.

This includes situations in which you have suffered personal harm, as well as conflicts arising from financial corporate law or family law, labor relations, and much more.

Civil law in Georgia

Civil law governs individual disputes and protects the interests of both individuals and organizations.

This means that in such cases, claims are made against another person by one person, organization, or company. Most of the time, such conflicts are settled through monetary damages rather than imprisonment.

When the parties can agree on a compromise and avoid the conflict escalating during the course of the case, the case is resolved even without the participation of the court. True, it is nearly impossible to reach such a level of conflict resolution on your own; instead, seek the assistance of a legal expert.

Issues which fall under the purview of civil law

One of the cases, the issues which fall under the purview of civil law, is a breach of the terms of a contract concluded between individuals.

In this case, there may be a failure to comply with the contract’s terms, such as money not being paid in full or late delivery of work, as well as a violation of the agreed-upon and spelled-out conditions.

Civil disputes are also conflicts involving rental issues in which lessors or tenants play a role. For example, evicting a tenant without cause or changing payment terms.

Family law in Batumi

Family law in Batumi, which includes prenuptial agreements and alimony payments, as well as property inheritance, also applies to civil law disputes.

Such disputes frequently necessitate the assistance of a lawyer. Ordinary citizens, in fact, rarely understand all of the nuances of legislation and have experience resolving such situations.

Even at the initial consultation, a lawyer in Batumi can greatly expedite the resolution process. A legal assessment of the situation, which will reveal your chances of a successful course of events, is an extremely important step.

A legal expert conducts a legal analysis of documents and assists in developing the proper legal position for deeper immersion in each case.

A civil lawyer’s litigation services in Batumi include the following:

  • consultation on the current situation and potential solutions;
  • preparation and analysis of documents and evidence;
  • registration of complaints, statements, letters, or claims;
  • representation of your rights in pre-trial proceedings; participation in the appeal of the defendant’s unlawful actions;
  • preparation and filing of a statement of claim and representation.


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Civil Law includes situations in which you have suffered personal harm, as well as conflicts arising from financial corporate law or family law, labor relations, and much more.



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