Tax Lawyer and Tax Disputes in Batumi

tax lawyer in Batumi

The services of a tax lawyer in resolving situations that are financial in nature and arise in banking, tax, business, and other fields are included in the category of financial and tax lawyer in Batumi.

Our work primarily consists of providing our clients with excellent legal protection of their financial interests as well as efficient resolution of a variety of issues that may come up when performing legal services.

Tax cases evaluation

We evaluate every tax case from all the major perspectives of contemporary law since every problem has a different way of being solved and can be situated both within the context of arbitration proceedings and within the context of the imposition of criminal sanctions.

Legal counsel on matters that are in some way connected to financial and economic operations is often one of the services provided by an attorney in Batumi’s financial and tax law industry.

  • control over and legal analysis of the client’s financial records, along with the actual conduct of financial activities;
  • resolution of issues under budget law; resolution of emerging circumstances in the pretrial order; resolution of issues relating to tax laws and legal relationships in the banking industry;
  • solving problems pertaining to the administration of responsibilities in the financial industry;
  • litigation involving money matters;
  • Representation of the client’s interests before government agencies and courts; additional services related to finance and business.

Financial and tax attorneys in Batumi

Our Financial and tax attorneys in Batumi not only possess a thorough understanding of the law but also have the necessary experience to fully support you in bringing the financial side of your business up to the needed standard, as well as in the framework of tax accounting, audits, and paperwork compliance.

By promptly seeking legal counsel, you can substantially speed up the resolution of your problems, ensuring that you won’t face any administrative or legal repercussions, and be free to carry out your financial and business affairs in compliance with local laws without worry or danger.

Tax legal issues in Batumi

Tax legal issues in Batumi are typically addressed following the occurrence of instances involving force majeure. We advise hiring a lawyer to help resolve the credit issue from the beginning or any later stage of lending without putting anything at risk.

We will work with you to detect potential transaction risks, assess the legal merits of a contract with a counterparty or partner, address customer complaints, and settle disputes with clients.

Additionally, our attorneys will represent you in court and assist in the resolution of contentious arbitration matters pertaining to your company.

Any financial or commercial activity’s success depends on ensuring that the conditions of any contract are met and that agreements are carried out in accordance with legal standards!

Tax authorities and tax disputes

With regard to tax authorities and tax disputes, we provide a representative authority:

  • assistance and counsel throughout the tax audit process assistance with tax disputes

taking part in the discussion and submitting a position on the tax audit act;

  • Utilize the Ministry of Finance’s Dispute Board system to contest tax orders and demands.
  • carrying out business talks (transactions) while holding the position of trustee.

more consultations upon clients’ requests.


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The services of a lawyer in banking, tax, business, and other fields disputes which are included in the category of financial and tax lawyer in Batumi.



Civil Law includes situations in which you have suffered personal harm, as well as conflicts arising from financial corporate law or family law, labor relations, and much more.



Examining financial records for compliance with tax rules. We oversees tax accrual and payment, produces and maintains the relevant reporting, conducts risk analysis.



Our company offers legal services in criminal law cases. Our Lawyers are also specialized in juvenile justice and therefore have the right to represent minor accused/convict/witness/victim.



Lawyers specializing in labor law inform employers of the applicable labor legislation in Georgia and offer relevant recommendations. Employees are also advised about their rights and in case of violation.



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