Immigration Lawyer in Batumi and Georgian VISA Support

Immigration Lawyer in Batumi

VISA Support in Batumi

The following elements are included in every Georgia Immigration Legal Service and Georgian VISA Support in Batumi.

The demand for visa legal services in immigration disputes has grown dramatically as a result of the growing influx of foreign nationals into Georgia.

People travel here with the intention of beginning a new life or going back to their ancestral home as well as to get to know the nation and its culture.

Immigration documents

Numerous queries include work, citizenship, marriage, and various immigration documents.

It is best to leave the resolution of immigration difficulties in the hands of experts who are able to account for all the complexities and are familiar with the unique nuances of migration legislation if you want to legally ensure your stay in Georgia.

Legal assistance with immigration difficulties may be required by both foreigners and local employers who hire foreign nationals.

How to issue an employment visa support in Georgia?

Issues like controlling working conditions, potential penalties, guidelines for keeping personnel records, etc. must be taken into consideration.

Because they are unaware of all the nuances involved in the registration and collaboration with foreign nationals processes, many companies are frequently simply frightened to hire migrants, which results in the loss of crucial individuals for both their company and the host nation.

Immigration legal counsel within the context of migration law in Batumi

In order to legally obtain employment in Georgia, a foreign national needs assistance with the completion of the necessary paperwork as well as immigration legal counsel within the context of migration law to stay up to date on key provisions of local laws.

Our framework of immigration legal services in issuing the Employment Visa in Georgia:

  • assistance in removing the entrance restriction
  • Defining the grounds for the country’s travel and entry restrictions
  • Creating the required grievances and claims
  • representation in numerous conflicts with government agencies
  • Representation in court and before other state agencies by the Organization for the Protection of Immigrants under Administrative Law
  • Consultations on citizenship, a residency permit, and other matters related to migration.
  • different and general migration guidance;
  • aid with obtaining immigration documents through consultation;
  • assistance with and guidance around hiring foreign nationals;
  • assistance for businesses hiring immigrants;
  • assistance in acquiring documents for immigrants to purchase real estate; advice on how to operate business;


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Examining financial records for compliance with tax rules. We oversees tax accrual and payment, produces and maintains the relevant reporting, conducts risk analysis.



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Lawyers specializing in labor law inform employers of the applicable labor legislation in Georgia and offer relevant recommendations. Employees are also advised about their rights and in case of violation.



The following elements are included in every Georgia Immigration Legal Service and Georgian VISA Support in Batumi. The demand for legal services in immigration disputes has grown dramatically.


Immigration Lawyer IN BATUMI

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